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The inaugural Decentralized Manufacturing for Cell Therapy Summit makes its debut as the first and only event solely dedicated to adopting a decentralized model. This summit offers unparalleled access to cutting-edge insights and expertize in the rapidly evolving field of cell therapy manufacturing. Engage with leading experts and showcase your commitment to innovation to position yourself at the forefront of this transformative industry movement.

Join us to shape the future of decentralized manufacturing for enhanced accessibility to cell therapy products for all!

Experts Need Your Help With...

Facilities to tackle scalability challenges and boost manufacturing volumes

Integrating cutting-edge technology from automation to analytics to streamline the manufacturing process

Reliable, consistent and comparable analytical assays to ensure site-to-site comparability

Restructuring the documentation process to ensure a seamless and coherent workflow

Why Partner?

Showcase leadership in the field of decentralized cell therapy manufacturing and gain industry recognition

Amplify your presence and extend your reach to new customers by taking advantage of the unique exposure opportunities to enhance your visibility to your target audience

Learn of the biggest challenges being faced in cell therapy manufacturing from 16+ expert speakers to identify gaps in the market and inform your commercial strategy for 2024 and beyond

Demonstrate the value of your services to key decision makers and thought leaders actively seeking collaborative partnerships

Who Will You Meet?

Decentralized Manufacturing for Cell Therapy Summit - Audience Summary
Decentralized Manufacturing for Cell Therapy Summit - Audience Summary